About Isca School

The Isca School is one of the longest running English language school in the UK and the oldest in Exeter. Isca is well known for its very friendly atmosphere, excellent teaching and the personal attention given to all our students. Isca was founded in 1966 by the grandparents of the present Principal: Sarah Tomlinson. She works with her parents  Richard Tomlinson, the Assistant Principal, and his wife Jo, who is the accommodation and welfare officer at Isca to help you enjoy your stay in Exeter.   Jo and Richard live at the school and are always available.  The school is their life’s work and it is a job they enjoy!

We have two Georgian houses with a small classroom building standing between them.The school has large gardens for you to enjoy and is in a quiet residential area, just 10 minutes’ walk from Exeter city centre.
Isca is open from June to August with English language classes at all levels from elementary to advanced.

We offer summer courses for juniors and young adults (aged 12-17)  from June until the end of August.

The Isca School of English is accredited by the British Council, who carry out regular inspections of the school. This accreditation is your guarantee of the high standard of our school. It means that the Isca School is a reliable and permanent school, with an excellent programme of English language studies, first-class teaching, an interesting and varied programme of social activities, and that we show proper concern and care for your accommodation and welfare.

Good evening fam. Tomlinson, Anna came home. She is very happy for the beautiful experience, for your hospitality and courtesy. She was very good. Thanks for everything.

With very best wishes,

Stefano e Lauretta

Anna G, 2017

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