Host Family Accommodation in the UK
We have been named No 2 for our home-stay provision in the UK by the EL Gazette. This attribute is directly based on our British Council Inspection report, 2017. WE are very proud of our kind welcoming host families and make sure we do our very best to match our students with the right host family.

Living in an English home, getting to know English family life, customs, (food!), and using English in everyday situations, is one of the most important parts of your stay in England.

We are often asked how do we choose our host families?
Jo Tomlinson visits our host families and in her letter below she writes about how she chooses families for our students. We carefully choose our host families and are very proud of how welcoming they are to our students.

We do our best to match students with the right host family so it is important to book early and tell us about your requirements (e.g. dietary requirements,your mother tongues and whether you’d like a family with children or pets).

What can I expect from my host family?
You will have full-board accommodation at Isca. You will have your breakfast and evening meal with your host family from Monday to Friday, and, at the weekend, they will give you full-board including a packed lunch for the excursion on Saturday. You will have lunch at school from Monday to Friday – usually a packed lunch on 3 days and a barbecue on 2 days a week.

When you apply, you can choose:

  • to share a room with another Isca student (same sex, similar age and different nationality) – this is a great cultural experience and we recommend it!
  • or you can choose to share a room with a friend
  • or you can choose to have a single room but if a single room is not available you will have to twin with another Isca Student (different nationality)

We guarantee that no students with the same mother tongue are placed in the same family, unless two friends ask to share.
All Isca families abide by a Code of Practice in accordance with British Council and British Tourist Authority recommendations, and offer you a warm and friendly welcome.


We provide the best care that we can for you and follow government and British Council regulations and requirements about the care of juniors. At Isca, you will have:

  • an Isca School ID card with 24 hour contact emergency numbers, school and host family addresses
  • a fixed home-by time according to your age
  • on-site trained staff for medical emergencies
  • personal contact on a daily basis with the Principal and his wife, the Welfare Officer

A letter from Josephine Tomlinson, Accommodation and Welfare officer:


Dear Parents,

My most important job is to visit English families in Exeter and to select kind, welcoming ones to care for our students. Richard, my husband, and I have sent our own children to language schools in both France and Spain. We know that the choice of family is very important to your child’s happiness and your own peace of mind and I take great care in choosing our families.

When I visit a family, one question I always ask myself is: “Would I be happy for one of my own children to live in this family?”

If the answer is a definite “Yes”, then the family becomes an Isca family.

I am at school every day talking to students and so it is easy for your child to find me. I am here to help and to make their stay as enjoyable as I can.

Finally, I would like to assure you that we will keep your son or daughter busy, happy, and learning lots of English at Isca.

With best wishes,
Jo Tomlinson

I am writing to thank you for the excellent time Rafael spent at Isca School. He has returned to Spain with lots of good experiencies and very happy with his stay with you. Thanks a lot.

I would also like to ask you to send our congratulations to his host family since he has had a great time with them, full of fun, and he has been looked after as another family member which I appreciate a lot. They have been caring and nice to him all the time. They included him in their family life, sport activities and Rafael has enjoyed a lot of his time with their Son Ewan, a great young man. Please, send them our congratulations.

Best regards,


Rafael A, 2017

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