How do we care for you?

We provide the best care that we can for you and follow government and British Council regulations and requirements about the care of juniors.

At Isca, you will have:

  • an Isca School ID card with 24 hour contact emergency numbers, school and host family addresses
  • a fixed home-by time according to your age
  • on-site trained staff for medical emergencies
  • personal contact on a daily basis with the Principal and Accommodation Officer
  • Richard and Jo Tomlinson live at the school and are available at any time.
  • All our activities are supervised by Isca school staff.

Free time

  • Mobile Phones: You must carry your mobile phone, switched on and charged, at all times when not in school.
  • Attendance for all lessons, excursions and daytime activities is compulsory. You cannot leave the school premises during break or lunch time.
  • You cannot leave Exeter during your stay, except on excursions or with your host family.
  • Your family will bring you to school on your first Monday morning. After that you must travel independently to and from your family and the school. The bus pass is included in the fees.
  • We will show you where and how to catch the bus. We will give you a map showing the bus route and where you live.
  • Each age group has a strict home-by time as follows: ages 12-13: 20.30; ages 14- 17: 21.30.  You must be back inside your home by these times each evening.
  • We have social staff in the city centre on the evenings when we do not have school evening activities. However, neither the school nor the host families are responsible for monitoring students during their free time.
  • On activity evenings 12 and 13 year olds can stay until the end of the activity and then go home immediately.
  • After our disco evening your host family will collect you or the school will take you home.

12 and 13 year olds – “The Junior Teens Club”

Our 12 and 13 year olds are all members of our Junior Teens club.

  • A member of our social staff will meet you at lunchtime each day from Monday to Friday to check what you will be doing and who you will be with after school.
  •  If you are planning to come back to the centre in the evening, you must inform our staff member then and confirm what you will be doing and who you will be with. You can go to the city centre, the school or the Cathedral Green to meet your friends.
  • 12 and 13 year olds cannot spend time alone in the city centre. You must always be with another Isca student.

Friday afternoons

  • You can have free time in the city centre with a friend or we will take you swimming at no extra cost.


  • There will be a staff member in charge of you on all excursions.

On Sundays

You must spend the day with your host family.

14 – 17 year olds

  • You must not spend time alone in the city centre.
  • You can go to the city centre and the Cathedral Green during your free time, to meet your friends.

On Sundays

  • You must spend most of the day with your host family.  You can go into the city centre to go shopping in the afternoon if you are with other students


  • In your free time on excursions you cannot go off alone or leave the designated area.

Friday afternoons

  • You can either go to the city centre with your friends or we will take you swimming at no extra cost and then walk to the city centre with you so that you can go home.



Anna came home. She is very happy for the beautiful experience, for your hospitality and courtesy. She was very good. Thanks for everything.

Anna G, France

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