Why is British Council Accreditation important when you choose a school for your child? 

What do the British Council inspect?

The Accreditation Scheme independently assesses the standards of management, resources and premises, teaching, welfare, and care of under 18s. They only accredit organisations which have met the overall standard in each area inspected. The best result you can achieve in each section is called a strength.

In our last British Council inspection, the inspectors awarded us 13 strengths out of a possible 15.

These include: Teaching, Care of Under 18s, Course Design, Leisure Opportunities, Accommodation, Premises and Facilities, Learning Resources, Welfare, Academic Management, Learner Management, Staff Management, Student Administration and Quality Assurance.

It means that we are the only independently run language school in the South West of the UK to have this many “strengths”!

Based on our inspection report the EL Gazette (see our page on Centre of Excellence: ) has told us that we are the “Number 2” homestay (host family) provider in the whole of the UK and the best English school in Devon!

By reading our British Council report, you can find out about the British Council inspectors’ opinion on different areas of the school.
  • Is your child be treated as an individual?
  • How involved are the owners of the school?
  • Is your child going to be excited and challenged by their course?
  • How many hours of class time do they have?
  • What sort of teachers do they have and how do we choose our teachers?
  • How do we test your child’s English level?
  • When do we check if they have understood and make sure they are improving their English?
  • What happens if their level is too high or low for their class?
By reading our report and looking at our website you can find the answers to the following questions. If you have any more questions you can always contact us:
  • What activities do they have?
  • Do they have a choice of sports?
  • Which excursions are they going to have?
  • What other activities can they do?
  • What extra costs do you have to pay (no extra costs at Isca)?
  • Is your child going to feel safe? What is the city of Exeter like?
  • Is it easy for them to travel around the city?
  • Are there things for your child to do and see in their free time?
  • How do we look after them in their free time?
  • What happens if they get ill?
  • How much advice/ reassurance do you (as parents) get from the school?
  • Can you contact the school easily?

At the end of each section there is an overall summary. These are our summary statements for you to read:

Care of under 18s:

The provision meets the section standard and exceeds it in all respects. The provision for the safeguarding of the students is of a very high standard in all aspects of their stay. Formal policies and procedures are enhanced by a genuine commitment to looking after the students throughout their entire experience from arrival to departure”

Welfare and Student services: 

“The provision meets the section standard and exceeds it in some respects. The high levels of care and consideration provided by all members of the management team and staff ensure that the needs of the students for security, pastoral care, information and leisure activities are well met. Similar high standards apply to the provision and management of accommodation services. Care of students, Accommodation and Leisure opportunities are areas of strength.”

Teaching and Learning:

“The provision meets the section standard and exceeds it in some respects. The teaching and academic staff are appropriately qualified and teachers receive very good support to ensure their teaching meets the needs of their students. Programmes of study are engaging and challenging, appropriate for a summer programme for young learners. The teaching observed met the requirements of the Scheme. Academic management, Course design,Learner management and Teaching are areas of strength.”

Resources and Environment: 

“The provision meets the section standard and exceeds it in some respects. The premises are of a particularly high standard, offering staff and students a very spacious and attractive environment in which to work. Students’ work provides a lively and stimulating addition to the classrooms. Resources are well chosen and maintained and readily accessible. Premises and facilities and Learning resources are areas of strength.”


“The provision meets the section standard and exceeds it in some respects. The extensive experience and family ownership of the organisation work well for the benefit of both students and staff. Student administration is handled efficiently and effectively, communication is excellent, and managers proactively seek to improve and develop the provision offered. Publicity is clear and offers entirely realistic expectations. Staff management, Student administration and Quality assurance are areas of strength.”

Our British council accreditation is a guarantee of the high standard of our school.

Before you leave, please read Isca’s British Council report. You can either read it on the British council website (https://www.britishcouncil.org/sites/default/files/isca_soe_full_.pdf) or you can also download it from our website.

Dear Mr. Tomlinson, We want just thank you and all your staff for the wonderful staying of Benedetto in Exeter.He came back enthusiastic for the school, for the friends he met there, for the activities you organised for them, and specially for your availability with the students.He had fun to see you every morning with a different mug of tea at the entrance of the school!I hope Benedetto could come again next year to improve his English.

Mrs P, Italy

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