General English Summer Courses for Juniors aged 12-17

18 hours of English Language tuition per week

Classes at all levels from Elementary to Advanced (CEFR Course Level: from A2 to C2) .

Course description

We offer courses for different age groups with classes at different levels within each age group. You will have 18 hours (18 x 60 minutes) of English language tuition per week in mixed nationality classes. Each class has two teachers at different times during the day who provide a varied course for the class: listening and speaking skills, grammar, reading, writing, drama based activities and projects in Exeter’s historic city centre and on the quayside

Before you arrive, we will ask you to take the Oxford University Online Placement test.  This means that on the first morning of the course  you will join a class according to your age and level of English and start learning immediately.

These classes are small, with an average of 10 students, maximum 14.

Courses for age group 12 – 14

You will have lessons with other students of your age and follow a course specially designed for your age group. We do not accept complete beginners, but if you have studied English at your school, you will learn a lot at Isca, – and soon be talking happily in English!  If your English is very good ( at Upper Intermediate or advanced level), you may have classes with older junior students.

Courses for age group 15 – 17

Your class programme is specially selected and includes more mature themes appropriate for students of your age and interests. You will normally be in a class with students of your own age group.  However, if your English level is lower than other students of your age, you may be in a class with slightly younger students.  We do not accept beginners on these courses.

We just wanted to thank you for the postive experience our daughter had. Everything was taken with care, very clear communication when we needed initial information. Needless to say she improved her confidence with the English Language and even more important she gained confidence in herself, we are convinced this experience will be a real milestone for the rest of her education process.

Marita and Antonio, 2016

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