General English Summer Courses for Teenagers aged 14-17

Our English language courses are specially designed for your age group and the needs of your class. Each class has two teachers who plan your course together and teach the class at different times of the day.  They choose interesting topics and activities to develop your Global skills, creativity, and critical thinking as you improve your English.

How do you check my English level and put me in the right class? 

Before you arrive, we will send you an online English Language test. It will test your grammar, listening, writing, use of English and tell us your CEFR level.

Your teachers will prepare the lessons for your class before you arrive . You will start learning on your first morning here.

On your English Language Course at Isca you will:

  • improve your listening, reading, writing and speaking skills.
  • learn to use your passive knowledge of English. You have studied grammar and structures at school- now use them!
  • develop the communication skills you will need for life in the 21st century workplace.
  • take part in role-plays and group discussions with other international students.
  • enjoy project work designed to help you communicate more effectively and improve your collaboration skills.

How do my teachers make sure that I am learning?

  • Your teachers will monitor your performance in class and give you regular feedback during lessons. You will have regular homework and a weekly progress test.
  • In your first week, you will have a one-to-one tutorial with your main teacher who will give you advice about how to improve and the language areas you need to work on.
Timetable for an English course for students aged 14-17

Read our example timetable

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We want to congratulate for your efficient organisation. Our son Leonardo came back last Sunday very satisfied of his vacation in Exeter. The school was very helpful, he improved his English and he appreciated also all the activities in the spare time. The host family also was great!!! Thank you very much.
Leonardo F, Italy
Dear Richard, I had Andrea on the phone and he is so happy to stay there! Every day is a great day for him and I feel that he will not forget this experience easily. Thank you for all you did for him, he is proud of himself and he shows a lot of interest in what he is doing at school. The family is great; he loves the food and their way of living. He spends a lot of time during the evening playing cards with the girls. Your school is for Andrea fantastic, he met nice guys and girls and the sports and outing are so well organised!!! Best regards
Mrs M, Italy

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