English Language Summer Courses for Groups

Explore English Language Learning together this Summer!

Do you have a small group eager to learn English this summer? Exciting news! Join our special summer courses at the Isca School of English where your group can join lessons with new friends from around the world and enjoy a fantastic summer program.

At the Isca School of English, we’re  here to make language learning a delightful journey for your group. Join us for an international summer experience filled with new friends, engaging lessons, and exciting activities and excursions – your group will have a great time while learning English!

How to enrol your group

  • Easy Booking: Want to know how much it costs or when you can start? Contact us, and we’ll make it simple for you to join our summer courses. We’re here to make joining easy and straightforward!
  • Connect with Us: Reach out to us, and we’ll give you all the details about our exciting summer courses.
  • Chat with Us: Our friendly team is here to talk with you. Tell us what your group wants to learn, and we’ll help you choose the perfect course!

Don’t miss this chance to have a fantastic summer of learning and fun with us. Contact us today to reserve a spot for your group in our special summer courses.

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English Language Courses for School and College Groups during the Academic Year

Why Choose the Isca School for Your Group’s English Experience?

Benefit from our wealth of experience in creating educational programs. Our seasoned team understands the nuances of diverse learning needs, ensuring a curriculum that resonates with your group’s unique requirements.

How to enrol your group

  1. Email us:  Share your group’s objectives, preferences, and any specific learning goals you have in mind with our experienced team.
  2. Course Design: : At Isca, we don’t believe in one-size-fits-all education. We tailor each course to your students’ specific learning needs and interests, ensuring an engaging and effective learning experience.Our goal is to create a program that not only educates but also inspires and resonates with each student.
  3. Flexible Activity and Excursion programme: Choose from a variety of activities and excursions to enhance the overall learning experience. Whether it’s cultural immersion, team-building exercises, or skill-specific workshops, the choice is yours. Empower your group by allowing them to choose activities and excursions that align with their interests. From cultural excursions to interactive workshops, we put the power of choice in your hands.


Join us for a Learning Journey Unlike Any Other

Your group deserves an educational experience that goes beyond the ordinary. At the Isca School of our decades of expertise will meet with your group’s needs to create a learning experience that will be remembered for a lifetime.

Contact us today to start designing the perfect program for your group!



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I am writing to thank you for the excellent time Rafael spent at Isca School. He has returned to Spain with lots of good experiences and very happy with his stay with you. Thanks a lot.
Sarah is a great asset to the Isca School of English which, as someone else has already posted, is one of the very best schools for young learners of English, and my first point of reference when I am asked to recommend a language school for a student in the 12 to 17 age group. I can always be confident that my students will be well looked after and will learn a lot of English whilst at the same time having a thoroughly enjoyable time
Maggie Ford, Language Travel Consultant
It has been a great pleasure working with you and your family. I can say that ISCA School is our most reliable partner and I always recommend your school to parents. I want to thank you for all the care and professionalism you put into receiving all these young students.
Elene M O, Germany

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