Host Family Annual Update Form

Dear Host Families,

Happy New Year and thank you so much for deciding to work with us again this year

On to paperwork!!
I have made the form much shorter this year so it shouldn’t take more than a few minutes but thank you so much for completing it. It really does make our life much easier here in the office.

I will be in touch about students once we receive your form.

I have a separate big request from the office. We are finding that more and more parents are emailing you (our host families) first to book their child’s course and not telling us until much later. If this is your case could I please ask you to ask them to contact us and enrol as soon as possible. It would be awful if we have to say no to them.

I very much look forward to seeing you all this summer – not long to go!

Host Family Annual update Form

Host Family Annual update Form

Step 1 of 4

  • Best Mobile number to contact you about students
  • Please tell us the email address you would like us to use to contact you and to give to your students. We will only use this email to contact you in this way.
  • A DBS is a police check on you and part of our safeguarding policy. We apply for your first one and it is valid for three years. You can make it valid to use elsewhere if you join the update scheme within 20 days of receiving your certificate.

Many thanks for completing this form for us

I got the login link from Oxford University yesterday and Noah had a look at the placement test video and tested his computer with the headphones.

To do this placement test ahead of the language stay is really great. As you mentioned you don’t lose the first day and your teachers know what language levels they can expect.

Noah is looking very much forward to coming to Exeter and your school and my husband and I to seeing you and your school at the end of his stay.

Best wishes,


Noah Lars G, 2017

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