Host Family Annual Update Form

Dear Host Families,

Welcome back and first of all many thanks. We have had some fantastic news. We have been awarded 13 strengths in our British Council report (out of a possible 15) including accommodation, welfare and care of under 18s. As a result of our British Council inspection the El Gazette named us the Number 2 home-stay provider in the whole of the UK and the best family-run school in the UK (directly based on our British Council inspection report of 2017.). We are over the moon and really many thanks for all the work you did (and do!).

On to paperwork!!
We are asking you to complete your annual update form via the web this year so that we can add it directly to our database. It is longer than it would normally be because it is the first time we submit your information. I am sure that it will be much easier to submit than in previous years and thank you again for doing this so quickly – we really appreciate it.

Before you start you will need to find the following documents:
Your DBS number (and if applicable your partner’s DBS number)

Jo will be in touch about students once we receive your form.

I have a separate big request from the office. We are finding that more and more parents are emailing you (our host families) first to book their child’s course and not telling us until much later. If this is your case could I please ask you to ask them to contact us and enrol as soon as possible. It would be awful if we have to say no to them.

I very much look forward to seeing you all this summer – not long to go!

Host Family Annual update Form

Host Family Annual update Form

Step 1 of 4

  • Best Mobile number to contact you about students
  • Please tell us the email address you would like us to use to contact you and to give to your students. We will only use this email to contact you in this way.
  • A DBS is a police check on you and part of our safeguarding policy. We apply for your first one and it is valid for three years. You can make it valid to use elsewhere if you join the update scheme within 20 days of receiving your certificate.

Many thanks for completing this form for us

I didn’t expect to find such a good place as Isca! It was probably one of the most incredible and unforgettable experiences ever, I’ll never forget it. Thank you for your kindness and availability at all times

Irene C, 2016

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