What does Isca mean? The City of Exeter was founded by the Romans and their name for their new town was Isca Dumnoriorum, The “Isca” part of the name was the Celtic name for our river( now called the river Exe). Over a thousand years or so, the Roman name for our city changed from Isca to Excester to Exeter

Exeter is a really good place to come to learn English. It is a safe city and parents can feel confident about sending their children here. Known as ‘the city in the country’ because the surrounding green hills can be seen from all parts of the city, it has a population of only 120,000. With over 9,000 university students, there is a vibrant student feeling to the city with a lot for you to see and do.

Set in the heart of the county of Devon, an area famous for its mild climate and natural beauty, Exeter is a mixture of ancient and modern with its Roman Walls, 13th century Cathedral and modern city centre. It has many parks and gardens, and has won the ‘European City of Flowers’ competition. It is the capital of Devon and is one of the oldest cities in Britain. It is the regional capital and cultural centre of South-West England.

Juniors, teenagers and young adults on English language courses will find lots to do here. Exeter has excellent museums, arts centres and sports facilities: swimming pools, dance centres and a ten pin bowling alley. On our sports afternoon, we visit the quayside on the River Exe to take you canoeing or kayaking – and cycling too.

In a recent national survey, in the category up to a quarter of a million inhabitants, Exeter was voted the city with the best quality of life in Britain. It is close to the sea and the beautiful coasts and moors of central Devon.

Exeter is a welcoming, safe place for you to come for your English language studies.

I just want to say thank you for the wonderful time I had at Isca school. I spent an amazing three weeks there and I met some great new friends. Thank you!

Franziska, Germany

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