I can't remember how to get to the city centre to get home. It's my first day. What should I do?

Firstly don't panic by tomorrow you will find this very easy to do! Wait in the front garden of the school at the end of the day for Sarah. She will tell you which of our social staff will be in town and you can walk in with them. They will help you get home.
In England every house has a postcode. If you look at your Isca School identity card you will see your host family's postcode. Put the postcode into google maps and you can watch as you get closer to your home ( the buses in Exeter have free wifi)

Do I have to pay for my bus pass?

No. If you have to take a bus to get to your host family we will give you a bus pass for free. If you lose it however you will have to buy a new one, so make sure you put it safely in your wallet.

I am finding it very difficult to find flights for my child. What can I do?

Please try using www.skyscanner.net

It is a very good website when you are looking for flights

How will I know who is meeting me at the airport?

We will send you an email before you come with full instructions. Don't worry we will meet you.

Who will meet me?

You will be met by one of our social staff at Heathrow airport and normally at Bristol airport too (unless you are arriving late or early when you will be met by our taxi driver who will bring you straight to us. Don't worry we will let you know if this applies to you before you come).
Your host family will meet you at Exeter airport.

Dear Mr. Tomlinson, We want just thank you and all your staff for the wonderful staying of Benedetto in Exeter.He came back enthusiastic for the school, for the friends he met there, for the activities you organised for them, and specially for your availability with the students.He had fun to see you every morning with a different mug of tea at the entrance of the school!I hope Benedetto could come again next year to improve his English.

Mrs P, Italy

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