What does a Twin room mean?

A twin room has two separate beds. You will share your room with another Isca Student of a similar age and the same gender.

Will my host family take me to school on my first day?

Yes, your host family will bring you to school on your first day and they will also show you the bus stop near your home. We will take you to the city centre and show you your bus stop so that you can go home.

Will I share my host family with someone who speaks my mother tongue?

No, you will not be in the same host family as someone who speaks your language unless you ask to share with a friend.

What do I do if I feel ill and I am not at school?

Tell your host family you are not well. They will telephone us and we will all take care of you.

Can I change my class?

You shouldn't need to change your class but if you are finding it too easy please make sure you actively participate in the class and talk to your teacher. If they think you need to change class they will talk to our Director of Studies and she will come to talk to you.

I am going to be late home for dinner, what should I do?

Please telephone your family if you are going to be late. Make sure your host family has got your telephone number

Can I use my host family's telephone to telephone my family and friends?

No. You can only use the telephone if there is an emergency. Your parents can telephone you at your host family's house

Is English food terrible?

This is every student's worry before they arrive. English cookery has a terrible reputation! It is not all true. Please try different foods and see what you think. If you are having real problems come and talk to us. Do not eat sweets and biscuits!

I have terrible stomach pain every morning and I don't know why. What should I do?

Come and tell us in the office and we will look after you but don't worry, you are probably just feeling hungry. A lot of our students are used to eating very late at night at home (21.00-22:00). In England we eat much earlier so when you wake up here your body is hungry.

Why do I have a home-by time?

We give you a home-by time according to your age because in England it is not normal for children of your age to be out at night and you have class in the morning! We will not change the time on your card without your parent's permission and your host family cannot change this time for you.

Why do I have to arrive on a Sunday and depart on a Sunday?

We do this because if you are only coming for two weeks you get two full day excursions to visit lovely places in the UK!

Dear Sarah, I’m Giacomo’s mother, Giacomo is at home now, he was so happy in Exeter! He loved so much Exeter, you, your school, the family, your food too!!! He told me that he had he liked to stay more!!! And it’s incredible because he was so afraid before to leave… Thank you to you and to all the Isca staff! It was a completely positive experience that he wants absolutly to repeat it next year!! Love

Mrs J, Italy

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