Termini e Condizioni

The booking is received in good faith, and by attending the course, the student and the parent/guardian agree to accept the rules and regulations of the school.

By enrolling the student for a course, the parents/guardians and the student accept to comply with the school’s regulations and English law.

By enrolling the student for a course, the parents/guardians are granting permission for the student to attend all activities organised by the school whether previously advertised or not.

The parents/guardians will be required to remove the student from the school at their own expense in the event of a serious infringement of the school’s rules, and in the case of breaking English law:, for example: shoplifting. The school will not make any refund of school or accommodation fees, nor be liable for any costs whatsoever in such cases.

In the absence of the parent/guardian’s signature on the enrolment form or in the event of the booking being made by email, via the internet or via an agent, the booking is received in good faith, and by attending the course, the student and the parent/guardian agree to accept the rules and regulations of the school.


Total fees are due 8 weeks before the arrival date.

You can pay by:

Bank Transfer:

From your bank to our bank. You must pay all bank charges plus a UK bank charge of 5GBP.

Bank Cheque:

Buy this from your bank and post it to The Isca School. The cheque must be drawn on a UK bank.

Transferwise: Please ask us for details


The parent or guardian must disclose any and all information about the student that the school should know.


Our shared transfers (Airport to Exeter to Airport) on Sundays are not included in the fees and cost:

Airport Meeting Service and Transfer: Includes meeting on arrival and help with check in on departure**Heathrow: £60 each way; Bristol: £45 each way; Exeter: £5 each way

** Unaccompanied Minor Service Supplement = Student travelling under the control of the air hostess on the flight home: Heathrow: £50; Bristol: £35.


Sunday Arrival:

Your flight must land between 12.00 and 16.00. Our shared coach will leave at 17.00 but we will wait for you if your flight is late.

Sunday Departure:

Your flight must take off after 14.00. Our staff will depart from the airport at 17.00 and so if your flight leaves after that time, you will have to check in alone – we will show you what to do Note: If your arrival flight lands after 16.00 or if your departure flight leaves before 14.00, you must use our Agency airport Meeting Service or our taxi meeting service, at extra cost.

Unaccompanied minors

– children travelling with the air hostess. Cost as above

Sunday Arrival:

Your flight must land between 12.00 and 16.00

Sunday Departure:

Your flight must take off between 14.00 and 17.30


Sunday Arrival:

Your flight must land before 20.30. If possible, you must take a flight to arrive in the afternoon. If you arrive in the morning, you may have to wait for us to arrive to collect you. You may have to wait a few hours (with Isca staff) at the airport so that you can travel with other students arriving on later flights.

Sunday Departure:

You must book an afternoon or evening flight if this is available, but if there is only a morning flight available, we will take you back to the airport to catch it.

Extra cost  ( each way) for Unaccompanied minors (children travelling with the air hostess.)


Arrival Sunday, Departure: Sunday. We will meet all flights.

If there are no flights on Sundays and if there are no flights from your airport to Bristol airport on Sundays, please email to check if we can accept you from Saturday to Saturday. Unaccompanied minors accepted on all flights.


All of our students can come to our evening activities. Younger students must go home when they have finished. On other nights, they must be back inside their homes at the times we tell you the time on our booking form.

Later times are not permitted. If you wish your child to return home earlier, you must inform us in the message box on the application page.


You must tell us of any special diet the student needs at the time of enrolment. There is an extra weekly charge for some special diets (for example: supplement for celiac, gluten free diet).


Young people under the age of 18 are not permitted to buy cigarettes in the UK. Students under the age of 18 are therefore not permitted to smoke at the Isca School, during break times or while taking part in Isca school social activities or on excursions.


Young people under the age of 18 cannot buy or drink alcohol in the UK. Drugs are illegal in the UK. A student at Isca will be sent home at the parent/guardian’s cost if found drinking alcohol or using drugs. No refund of fees will be made.


By enrolling a student at the Isca School, the parent or guardian of that student authorizes and allows an Isca School of English representative to organise emergency medical treatment for the student if this is necessary in the opinion of a Medical Officer and also authorizes first aid treatment given to the student by Isca staff.


By enrolling a student at the Isca School, the parent or guardian of that student confirms that the student is in good health, does not suffer from any mental or nervous disability, has no behavioural problems and is not disruptive in class. We expect our students to behave courteously towards teachers, staff, host families and fellow students. We expect them to speak English at all times in class. The parents/guardians must understand that disruptive behaviour is not acceptable and that the school reserves the right to send home any student for bad behaviour during the stay. We ask you not to send us your child if he/she is disruptive in class or has behavioural problems. The cost of sending the child home will be at the parent/guardians’ expense and no refund of fees will be made.


The parent or guardian of the student must disclose details of the student’s current medical condition and any prescribed medicines that the student is taking at the time of enrolment. The Isca School accepts no responsibility for medical emergencies arising from non-disclosure of current medical information. A student who has suffered from an infectious disease in the 2 weeks prior to commencement of the course can only be accepted with a doctor’s certificate that he/she is no longer infectious.


The parents/guardians must take out medical insurance before arrival in the UK if there is no reciprocal medical agreement between the student’s home country and the UK or if the student requires private medical treatment. For EU students, most treatment is free under the National Health scheme, but not dental treatment or optical prescriptions.


The parents/guardians must take out travel and luggage insurance. These risks are not covered by the Isca School of English.


The parent(s)/guardians(s) and the student expressly allow the school to use any photograph or video taken at school, with a host family or on school activities for publicity purposes for the Isca School, for example on the school website or in the school prospectus.

The parent(s)/guardians(s) and the student expressly allow the school to take photographs and make videos for use in the student’s class, for example in making photo stories and news programmes for class use.


We advise between £40 and £50 per week for personal spending money.

The Isca School accepts no responsibility for pocket money/personal belongings which have not been given to the school for safe keeping.


The school acts as an agent in arranging homestay accommodation at no extra cost.


This must be made by telephone or fax, followed by written confirmation by post. A full refund of the GBP amount received, less the enrolment fee and UK bank charges, will be made if the course is cancelled 6 or more weeks before the course start date.

For cancellations less than 6 weeks before the start date, a cancellation fee equal to one week’s tuition and accommodation plus the enrolment fee and UK bank charges will be charged.

No fees are refunded if you cancel on or after the arrival date.


(Students who must apply to the British Embassy for a Study Visa before coming to the UK):

You must pay a deposit of £500 GBP before we issue our visa support letter. A refund is made according to our cancellation policy (see above) if the visa is refused. Refunds are not made if the visa has been issued.

To obtain this refund, you must return all original documents and send a copy of the visa refusal letter from the British Embassy. The Isca School will check this direct with the Embassy.

I am writing to thank you for the excellent time Rafael spent at Isca School. He has returned to Spain with lots of good experiencies and very happy with his stay with you. Thanks a lot.

I would also like to ask you to send our congratulations to his host family since he has had a great time with them, full of fun, and he has been looked after as another family member which I appreciate a lot. They have been caring and nice to him all the time. They included him in their family life, sport activities and Rafael has enjoyed a lot of his time with their Son Ewan, a great young man. Please, send them our congratulations.

Best regards,


Rafael A, 2017

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