Terms and Conditions – The Isca School of English

The parent/guardian must read and confirm that they have understood and agree to the Isca School of English terms and conditions. It is a condition of enrolment that you must accept all of the terms and conditions.

These terms and conditions apply to all students who book directly and to all students who have booked their course in another way, for example through an Educational agent or from a school or college.

These terms and conditions are governed by UK law and are subject exclusively to the jurisdiction of UK courts.



Ages accepted:

The minimum age of students on our courses is 12. The maximum age is 17.

We place students into classes at their level and in these age groups:

Ages 12 to 14

Ages 14/15 to 17

Please note that because students aged 14 and 15 will be in the same year group at their school at home, there may be students aged 14 in the classes for 15 to 17 year olds, depending on their English level.


Language Levels offered:

We offer courses from CEF levels A2 to C2.

We do not offer courses for complete beginners.


Online Placement test:

All students must complete our online placement language test before arrival.

This test must be completed a minimum of 6 weeks before arrival (or within 5 days of enrolment for late bookings).

This advantage for you, the student, is that:

  • We can organise class groups before you arrive.
  • Your teachers will know your level and can start to plan your course
  • You will start learning on your first morning here, not the next day



The booking is received in good faith and by attending the course the student and the parent/guardian agree to accept the rules and regulations of the school.

By enrolling the student for a course, the parents/guardians and the student agree to comply with the school’s regulations and English law.

By enrolling the student for a course, the parents/guardians are granting permission for the student to attend all activities organised by the school whether previously advertised or not.

In the absence of the parent/guardian’s signature on the enrolment form or in the event of the booking being made by email, via the internet or via an agency or school, the booking is received in good faith, and by attending the course, the student and the parent/guardian agree to accept the Terms and Conditions of the school.

The school reserves the right to refuse an enrolment.


The details you must send us:

We must receive all information requested on our enrolment form.

You must also tell us about:

  • any allergies or special diet needed*
  • serious issues with hearing, sight or mobility
  • The parent/guardian must disclose any and all information about the student that the school should know.

*There is an extra weekly charge for some special diets: gluten free, lactose intolerant, vegan.



You must pay the fees in British pounds (GBP).

You must pay a deposit on enrolment and a final payment later, as follows:

The deposit:

We will send you an invoice when you enrol. You must pay the deposit within 7 days to confirm the place.

Final payment:

We will send you an invoice for the final payment when we receive the deposit.

You must make the final payment a minimum of 8 weeks before arrival.


How to pay:

  • Use Flywire, our payment partner, to pay by credit card or to a bank in your country
  • By Bank Transfer from your bank to the Isca School bank in the UK

We will send Flywire log-in details and our bank account details on the invoices we send you.


Cancellation and refunds

Cancellations must be made by email, or telephone followed by an email to confirm. In the case of a late cancellation, notice must be given by phone and then by email.



“Cooling off period”

For all internet or telephone bookings, you are entitled to a 14 day “cooling off” period with the right to free cancellation. We will refund in full the GBP amount received less bank charges for all cancellations received during this period. If you have used any services of the school during this period, the cost will be deducted from the repayment.

After this period, the following rules apply:

Cancellation 8 or more weeks before the course start date:

A full refund of the GBP amount received, less the deposit, any courier fees and UK bank charges will be made

Cancellation less than 8 weeks before the start date:

A cancellation fee equal to one week’s tuition and accommodation plus the enrolment fee, any courier fees and UK bank charges will be charged.

No fees are refunded if you cancel on or after midday on the Friday before the course start date.


The refund payment:

  • will be made to the Bank account or Credit Card account from where the payment was received.
  • Payment will be made in UK pounds (GBP).
  • The Isca School of English is not responsible for any losses incurred because of Bank Charges or currency fluctuation.


Refunds for Visa Nationals

(= Students who must apply to the British Embassy for a Visa to enter the UK before coming to the UK):

  • You must pay the deposit and any courier fees before we issue our visa support letter.
  • A refund is made according to our cancellation policy (see above) if the visa is refused.
  • Refunds are not made if the visa has been issued.

To obtain the refund, you must return all original documents and send a copy of the visa refusal letter from the British Embassy. The Isca School will check this direct with the Embassy.

For all refunds, the school cannot be responsible for any loss caused by bank charges in your country or currency fluctuation.



The parent/guardian explicitly allows the school to organise treatment of the student for medical emergencies if that treatment is advised by a Medical Officer. The parent/guardian agrees to pay for that medical treatment. The Isca School of English advises the parent/guardian to ensure that the student has insurance cover for all medical costs.

The parent/guardian explicitly allows the student to be given emergency First Aid treatment in case of accident or medical emergency.

The parent/guardian should take note that staff at the school cannot provide students with any medicines, for example aspirin or paracetamol. The parent/guardian agrees to allow a member of the school staff to take the student to a pharmacy where the pharmacist can advise and help the student.



The parent or guardian must disclose details of

  • the student’s current medical condition
  • all prescribed medicines that the student is taking at the time of enrolment.

The Isca School accepts no responsibility for medical emergencies arising from non-disclosure of current medical information.

A student who has suffered from an infectious disease in the 2 weeks prior to commencement of the course can only be accepted with a doctor’s certificate that he/she is no longer infectious.



Medical insurance

The parents/guardians must take out medical insurance for the student before arrival in the UK if there is no reciprocal medical agreement between the student’s home country and the UK or if the student requires private medical treatment.

The European Health Insurance Card is not valid in the UK.


Travel insurance

The parents/guardians must take out travel and luggage insurance. These risks are not covered by the Isca School of English.



By enrolling a student at the Isca School, the parent or guardian confirms that

  • the student is in good health
  • does not suffer from any mental or nervous disability
  • has no behavioural problems
  • is not disruptive in class.

We expect our students to behave courteously towards teachers, staff, host families and fellow students. We expect them to speak English at all times in class.


Disruptive Behaviour:

The parents/guardians must understand that disruptive behaviour is not acceptable and that the school reserves the right to send home any student for bad behaviour during the stay.

The parents/guardians will be required to remove the student from the school at their own expense in the event of a serious infringement of the school’s rules, and in the case of breaking English law:, for example: shoplifting. The school will not make any refund of school or accommodation fees, nor be liable for any costs whatsoever in such cases.

The cost of sending the child home will be at the parent/guardians’ expense and no refund of fees will be made.



We keep records of attendance and expect students to attend every lesson, to be on time and to do the homework that the teacher sets.

We expect students to attend all the activities and excursions offered.



We expect you to speak English at all times during classes and to respect other students, our staff and your homestay hosts. You must be tolerant of and respect any cultural, racial and religious differences.



We provide free Wifi and expect students to behave responsibly online.


Wilful Damage

The student or parent/guardian will have to pay for any wilful damage caused by the student while in the UK.

Smoking: Young people under the age of 18 are not permitted to buy cigarettes in the UK. Students under the age of 18 are therefore not permitted to smoke at the Isca School during break times or while taking part in Isca school social activities or on excursions.

Alcohol or Drugs: Young people under the age of 18 cannot buy or drink alcohol in the UK. Drugs are illegal in the UK. A student at Isca will be sent home at the parent/guardian’s cost if found drinking alcohol or using drugs. No refund of fees will be made.



We store the information you send us in electronic and paper formats. Please read our Privacy Policy which tells you how we use and store the information you send us and who we share it with.

You must inform us if there is any change to the details you send us.



Our students are not supervised except during lessons, break and lunchtime and on all activities and excursions.

They are not supervised during their free time.

There will be an Isca School staff member on duty in the city centre each evening when there is no activity organised by the school.

Our 24 hour phone number for emergencies is +44 7527 553439. Please add this to the student’s mobile phone contact list.


Evening activities and Home-by time (Curfew):

All students must be back inside their homes by the following times:

Age 12/13: 20.30

Ages 14-17: 21.45

However, all of our students can come to our evening activities. Younger students can stay until the end of the activity and then go home.

Later times are not permitted. If you wish your child to return home earlier, you must inform us on the application form.



We advise between £40 and £50 per week for personal spending money.

The Isca School accepts no responsibility for pocket money or personal belongings which have not been given to the school for safe keeping.



The school acts as an agent in arranging homestay accommodation at no extra cost.



The Isca School of English does not accept any liability in case of accident, illness, damage to or loss of personal property on the school premises, in the home accommodation we organise, on activities and excursions or while travelling from and to Exeter, except where UK law imposes that liability.

The school does not accept any liability whatsoever for complications arising from Brexit, except where UK law imposes that liability.



The parent(s)/guardians(s) and the student expressly allow the school to use any photograph or video taken at school, with a host family or on school activities for publicity purposes for the Isca School, for example on the school website or in the school prospectus.

The parent(s)/guardians(s) and the student expressly allow the school to take photographs and make videos for use in the student’s class, for example in making photo stories and news programmes for class use.

The student cannot record or video lessons for personal reasons without the written permission of the school Principal.



Please let us know immediately if you have a complaint or problem.

We want to know if there is a problem. We want to put it right as soon as we can.

Any complaint must be made while the student is studying at the school. We cannot accept any complaint after the student has returned home. It is then too late for us to remedy the situation.

If you are not satisfied with the way we have handled a complaint, you must tell us.

If your complaint cannot be resolved, you can make a complaint to English UK to request independent arbitration.


The Ombudsman, English UK, 47 Brunswick Court, Tanner Street, London SE1 3LH.

Email: info@englishuk.com



The Isca School of English does not accept any liability for not providing the course, activities, transport or accommodation if that is caused by Acts of God, including but not limited to: fire, flood, storm, infectious diseases, government action, terrorist activities, strikes, interruption or failure of electricity, internet or telephone service. Refunds will not be made in such circumstances.

In the event of an outbreak of infectious disease, all students and parents/guardians must agree to comply with rules regarding quarantine as set by the school.

In the event of a Force Majeure situation, the Isca School of English will take all reasonable steps to minimise delay or damages caused by the event and will notify the student and the parent /guardian as soon as possible.



The school reserves the right to cancel a course without liability if obliged to by events beyond our control or due to low demand for the course. We will offer an alternative course if this happens, or a full refund of the fees in GBP paid to us.

The school reserves the right to alter dates, fees and details in our prospectus or on our website without prior notice.


Registered Name and Address of the School

The Isca School of English

4 Mount Radford Crescent