Study English online with us this summer. Our Online English Summer Courses for this year are focused on helping you to improve your English level, have fun speaking English on an online platform and make international friends.

Our online English Courses and Activity Program are challenging, fun, and as close to normal life experience as we can make them.

Join our global bubble and let’s have a great summer together!


General English Online Courses for Students 14-17

Our English online courses are now available and you can join a class either in the morning or in the afternoon. You can choose to attend an English  Online course for a minimum of two weeks.  These courses are designed for students aged 14 – 17  to help you to improve your spoken English, make international friends and have fun together online.

To get the most out of our online English Course for teenagers aged 14-17 we have decided to make sure that you will really learn a lot of English and so this course is only open to teenagers who have a minimum B1 level of English. Your class will be decided by your English level and we will ask you to take our English placement test before you begin a course with us. Our director of studies will use this result to place you in the best English class for you.  We ask that you take our English placement test to make sure that you are in the right class for you.

Your English teacher will be excited to teach you English in your virtual classes and will allow you lots of time to talk with your fellow students. Our fully qualified and extremely experienced teachers make sure you enjoy your lessons and focus on the key skills you need to improve your English quickly. Your classes will be a combination of lessons and project work. You will learn a lot of English and make friends from all over the world.

You will explore global themes and learn how to communicate in a natural way. Our online classes are live so you will be able to meet your classmates and teacher and communicate in your classroom as if you were really here.

Your friendly teachers will also use activities offline to make sure you don’t get tired or bored during your English lessons. These activities include real-life challenges and project work for you to complete. The activity program we have specially designed for our online courses will mean you can make international friends for life virtually and take part in our fitness, activities, and excursions from your home.


Why should teenagers join our Online English Course?

Our online English courses are designed to improve your English, develop your critical thinking,  increase your confidence and let you have fun too! You will learn about contemporary topics and issues and communicate with students your age from all over the world.




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Timetable for an English course for students aged 14-17

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Make International Friends!

We also want you to have a fun summer. We have organised an exciting mix of guided excursions, fitness, and activities that you can join from your home. Our English activity programme will run in between the two sessions so you will be able to enjoy our social activities with students from all over the world.

Activity and Excursion Virtual Program included

Your Activity Program includes 2.5 hours/week of activities and excursions designed to help you make friends and enjoy yourself

Join our interactive art sessions, take part in our Isca quiz or escape room and join our well-being sessions and fitness from your home.
With your new international friends, you can join us on virtual guided tours to iconic places in the United Kingdom.

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Activity and Excursion Programme

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