I am very excited to write our first blog post as Isca’s new principal and to welcome you to our English school. Our students have created a lot of exciting news stories and videos to share and I will be updating the blog with these very soon. I hope you will enjoy them as much as I have!


Why come to our English school?

Every English school is different but we think that Isca is special. We are a family run school (in our third generation) and many of our students are the children or friends of our very first students who came over 51 years ago!
We are a British council accredited school and every year we look at ways to improve the experience our students have here and how to make sure they are enjoying themselves even more. Based on our last British council report from 2013 we have been in the top 100 of English schools in the UK. Every year we try to improve your experience here and  this year our students are doing their placement test before they arrive in Exeter. This means that from their first day they start their lessons with their class and make new friends straightaway.

Students 2017

What is my favourite thing about Isca?

Our students! When they arrive the school comes back to life and the noise of them learning English fills the school. It is a wonderful feeling and reminds me why I chose to follow in my parent’s and grandparent’s footsteps in running the school.
Every year is different and I hope you will enjoy our blog and all the hard work our students and fantastic teachers have created to share with you. I look forward to hearing about your memories of Isca when you come to visit us.


It was the best time of my life, thank you!

Cecile, France

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