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Welcome to our Website and to the Isca School of English

Dear Parents,

I’m Sarah Tomlinson. I have been the Principal of the Isca School since 2016, the third generation of my family to run our school!  After graduating from University I decided to teach English in Spain. I met my husband and spent 8 years teaching English (returning to Isca every summer) before we decided to return permanently to the UK and Isca. However, before joining the school as the Assistant Principal in 2012 I trained as a secondary teacher and was Head of Department for languages in two wonderful state schools.

I know that choosing the best summer English course for your child is not an easy decision.

My parents sent me to language schools in Europe when I was a teenager. I am sure your child is as excited and nervous as I was. I remember the care they took in selecting the school and the wonderful experience I had as a result. The way we care for your child while they learn English is what makes us different from other schools.  We want them to feel as safe and happy as they are at home while they learn English and have fun in the UK! Over 50 years of my family’s experience goes into making the Isca school of English a school where every student is equally important to us. We will do our best to make sure your child has the best experience possible.

You have to make the right decision so how do you choose the best summer school and English course for your son or daughter?

As a British Council school we constantly look improve the experience your child has in and out of the classroom. We have added a new page to our website explaining how important the British Council Accreditation is when choosing a course for your child and showing why we think Isca is one of the best schools in the UK. There is also a new page about Isca being a Centre of Excellence

Why come to the Isca school?

Although the British Council Accreditation is important  it is really the family element to our school which makes Isca so special. I grew up in the school and after nearly 40 years experiencing I know the friendships which are made are why students return year after year.

Being a family run English school makes the Isca School of English a unique experience where different generations of families make friends with other students from across the world as well as with my family.

What do you need to ask yourselves when you are looking at the school and the English course we provide?
What are the important things you need to check to make the right decision?

1. Read our brochure and look at our website. You can find out a lot about the school, the courses and the experience your child will have.
2. Look at their Facebook page. You can see what students really think about the school!
3. Read the school’s latest British Council inspection report. This will give you a professional and impartial assessment of the school. Please read ours – it will reassure you!
I am going to try to show you the experience your child will have here.  I want you to feel that the decision to come here is the best one. If you have any questions please email me.

I hope you enjoy reading about our school for Junior students and I hope to welcome your child here. If you have any questions about our English courses for teenagers please email me.
Yours faithfully,

Sarah Tomlinson,

Isca – the friendly, family-run school

Dear Sarah, I’m Giacomo’s mother, Giacomo is at home now, he was sohappy in Exeter! He loved so much Exeter, you, your school, the family, your food too!!! He told me that he had he liked to stay more!!! And it’s incredible because he was so afraid before to leave… Thank you to you and to all the Isca staff! It was a completely positive experience that he wants absolutly to repeat it next year!! Love

Mrs J, 2015

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