A family run school

Sarah is the third generation of the Tomlinson family to welcome students to the Isca School since her grandparents founded the school in 1966. We offer new and returning students an English learning experience to remember for life.

Sarah and Javi with Jack at the gates of the Isca School of English

A professional, British Council accredited school

For us at Isca, “family-run” also means aiming to achieve the highest standards in everything that we do.

The British Council recognised this in our last inspection when the inspectors awarded us 14 strengths in areas such as: the teaching we provide, course design, the school premises and facilities, the learning resources available, the homestay accommodation we provide for you, how we care for under 18s and the leisure activities and sports we provide.

The English Language Gazette has named us a Centre of Excellence every year since 2010.

Students at the best English Language School in the UK making friends

An international school

English is the lingua franca for the 21st century. Learning about different cultures and communicating in English are two of the essential Global Skills for your future life that you will learn here. You will meet young learners from all over the world. Many of our students make international friends for life.

Spanish school group hugging each other and holding a UK flag up behind them as they smile at the camera in the garden of the Isca School of English

Learn with friendly, professional teachers

Dynamic lessons, small classes and teachers who really care about their work: this is what we offer at Isca. Express yourself, activate your passive knowledge, learn new vocabulary, learn new structures and most importantly, have lots of fun during lessons!

group of teachers and staff in the front garden of the Isca School of English

Start learning on your first day at Isca

We test your English online before you arrive. At Isca, there is no wasted time doing the test on the first day. You will start learning instead!

Close up of three spanish girls smiling

Lots of fun after class too

Enjoy our sports and activity afternoons and evenings, dance with your new friends at the disco. Enjoy coach or train excursions each Tuesday afternoon and on Saturdays. There’s so much to do at Isca, all included in the course fees. No hidden extras to pay here!

international students running in lifejackets to jump into the cold canal with instructor of Haven Banks watching on

Looking after you from arrival to departure

Taking care of you and making sure you are safe are at the heart of everything that we do.

We will pick you up at the airport and take you back to the check-in for your flight home.

You will see the Principal every day, talking to students in our gardens during break times. She will be there for you too, whenever you need her.

We follow all government and British Council requirements for your care. We have First Aid trained staff at the school and on all our activities and excursions. You will have our 24 hour emergency phone number. We will always come if you need help.

group of girls laughing and talking to their teacher outside in the school garden

Live in an English home

The best way to learn about British life and culture is “hands on” by living in an English home. It’s an exciting new experience.

We are very careful with our choice of home for you. We know it is one of the most important parts of your stay in Exeter and at Isca. Sarah, the Principal, visits all of our homes personally. She chooses families who are kind and friendly, so don’t worry, they will welcome you into their home.

two adults and two students sitting on a bench in a beautifully landscaped garden talking together

Read our British Council Inspection Report

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I had an amazing time here, I’ve made lots of friends and I’ve learnt a lot
Andrew, Ukraine
Dear Sarah, I’m Giacomo’s mother, Giacomo is at home now, he was so happy in Exeter! He loved so much Exeter, you, your school, the family, your food too!!! He told me that he had he liked to stay more!!! And it’s incredible because he was so afraid before to leave… Thank you to you and to all the Isca staff! It was a completely positive experience that he wants absolutely to repeat it next year!! Love
Mrs J, Italy