Student Welfare

At the Isca School of English, we provide the best care that we can for you. We follow government and British Council regulations and requirements about the care of juniors.

In our latest British Council inspection the inspectors wrote this about our Care of under 18s:

“The provision meets the section standard and exceeds it in all respects. The provision for the safeguarding of students is of a very high standard in all aspects of their stay. Formal policies and procedures are enhanced by a genuine commitment to looking after the students throughout their entire experience from arrival to departure … Excellent levels of pastoral care are provided by everyone involved with the students, including managers, teachers, social staff and homestay hosts”

You can read the report below

Download here

At Isca, you will have:

  • Isca School identity card
  • 24 hour emergency contact number
  • fixed home-by time
  • rules to keep you safe
  • supervised activities
  • on-site trained staff for medical emergencies

We do not provide 24 hour supervision. Please read our student handbook for details.

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Supervision Statement

Our students do have times when they are unsupervised. You will take the bus or walk to and from school, and go into town to have free time.

At School we will take the register when you arrive. If you are 10 minutes late we will phone you and come to get you if necessary.  Your teacher will take the register at the start of each lesson.

You must not spend time alone in the city centre or go off alone on excursions.

After School: You can go to the city centre, the school or the Cathedral Green during your free time, to meet your friends.

Friday Afternoon: You have a free afternoon to spend time in the city centre with your friends.

Excursions: You will be in a group for parts of the excursions. If you have free time you must be with other students and stay in the designated area.

In the evenings when we do not have organized activities there will be a social staff leader on duty (from 19.30-21.30) but students must arrange check in times with their host families and be home 10 minutes before the home by time on their Isca School Identity card. Make sure you know what time your last bus home leaves.

On Sundays if you choose to make your own plans on Sunday with your friends, you must arrange regular times to send a message to your host family and you must return home for supper by 17.30.



Pre-arrival information for your English course in Exeter

Please read our student handbook here. It has our school rules and you can read about how to keep safe.

Download here

While you are here

Our staff will meet you in the arrival terminal at London Heathrow, Bristol or Exeter airports and will take you back to check in for your flight home.

Travelling to Exeter

Covid-19 Re-opening and Risk assessment

We will ask your parents to read this before you start your course.

Download here

Risk Assessment and Safeguarding Policy Statement

You can read our child safeguarding policy statement here.

Download here
Like last summer Laura has been very happy at Isca and in the host family; actually they have been really very kind with her, doing everything to make her happy. She has improved her English with very good results and has met new friends as well. Everything went well, thank you for the entire organisation.
Dipole Family, Italy
I didn’t expect to find such a good place as Isca! It was probably one of the most incredible and unforgettable experiences ever, I’ll never forget it. Thank you for your kindness and availability at all times
Irene C, Spain