Do you want to know more about our Cambridge C1 Advanced (CAE) Preparation Course?

Our Cambridge C1 Advanced course prepares young learners to take the official Cambridge Exam (CAE). You will take the official exam at the end of your intensive three week summer course.   Our exam experienced teachers will prepare you for the topics, vocabulary and grammar and the language and skills you need to take the official Cambridge Exam, in dedicated classes and workshops.

On your course at Isca, you will:

  • have 60 hours examination preparation tuition in small classes
  • take part in workshops to learn the best exam techniques
  • revise the topics and vocabulary, the grammar, the language and the skills you need for the exam
  • have regular homework and do timed exam practice tests
  • have one-to-one tutorials with your main teacher with advice about the areas where you need to improve

We expect you to speak English all the time you are here and to work hard.

But it’s not all work. You’ll relax and make friends with our other international summer school students. Each week you will have 3 evening social or sports activities and an all-day coach or train excursion on Saturdays


What are the different sections in the Cambridge C1 exam?

There are 4 sections in the exam.  They are:

  1. Reading and Use of English  This tests your grammar and vocabulary and shows how confident you are with different real world texts: newspapers, magazines and fiction for example. Time:  1 hour and 30 minutes.  40% of the exam marks
  2. Writing.  You must create 2 different pieces of work: a report, review, letter or essay for example. Time: 1 hour 30 minutes. 20% of the exam marks
  3. Listening.  The questions test your understanding of: presentations, interviews, radio programmes or everyday conversations for example. Time: 40 minutes. 20% of the exam marks
  4. Speaking.  Two candidates work together to show the oral examiner how you can communicate effectively on a range of topics. Time: about 15 minutes. 20% of the exam.

What can I do to prepare for the exam course before I arrive in the UK?

  1. Read as much as you can in English – books, online English newspapers and magazines.
  2. Listen to English. The BBC has great podcasts.
  3. Watch English films with the English subtitles turned on. Try watching part of the film without subtitles too.

How will the exam help me in my future studies and employment?

Your certificate will be valid for life.  It will prove to future employers and universities world-wide that you have the English language skills they are looking for our competitive 21st century world.

What is the Cambridge C1 Advanced examination and who is it for?

Cambridge C1 Advanced is the new name for the Cambridge Advanced English exam – CAE.  It is an advanced level English language examination for speakers of other languages.



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