Do you want to know more about our Cambridge C1 Advanced Preparation Course?

The Cambridge C1 Advanced Course at the Isca School of English is a  specially designed intensive three-week course for students aged 15-17. Your  exam experienced teachers will prepare you to understand the topics, vocabulary and grammar and the language and skills you will need to know to take the official Cambridge Exam  in dedicated classes and workshops.

You will:

  • have 61 hours in small classes ( maximum 12) of teaching designed to improve your chances of success in the exam
  • learn the best exam techniques in specific workshops
  • have focused skills development in the different task types
  • revise the grammar and lexis needed to successfully take the exam
  • do practice tests and receive feedback to help you improve before you take the exam.

This Cambridge exam was called the  CambridgeAdvanced Exam or CAE exam until recently and you may recognise the name. It is the best Cambridge exam for C1 level students to take to show their English Level. All top universities accept the C1 as proof of your English level in the UK.


How do my teachers make sure that I am on the path to exam success?

You will receive regular feedback in class as your teachers monitor your performance.  Completing the homework you are given and working through our guide to the offical Cambridge C1 Advanced (CAE) practice tests will give you the best preparation for the exam. Before you take the exam you will  have a one-to-one tutorial with your main teacher who will give you advice about how to improve and the areas you need to revise.

Why do we think you should take a Cambridge Exam?

Cambridge Exams are known the world over and many employers know how difficult it is to take an exam. We want you to feel you have learnt and improved your English ability. Taking a Cambridge exam whether it be the C1 or  our B2 First Certificate Preparation Course means your English level is high and you are able to take difficult exams.

When can you take a Cambridge Exam?

There are many dates throughout the year and if you join one of our Cambridge Exam Preparation Courses you will be able to take the official exam at the end of your course. The Cambridge exam dates that we prepare you for are published on our dates and fees page.

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Why do you need the C1 Advanced Certificate?

If you are considering studying abroad then this certificate is the best one for you to show your Advanced English Level to prospective Universities, not only is it accepted by all the very best Universities in the Uk but if you successfully take the Cambridge exam it allows you to demonstrate your English level in other countries eg University of Stanford, USA or University of Sydney, Australia successfully!

At some stage you will need to do an exam to show your English level and this certificate is valid for life which means you only need to improve your level.

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