1. Cambridge B2 First Certificate Course: 5 Reasons why you should take our Cambridge B2 First Certificate exam?

There are many reasons that mean taking our B2 first certificate preparation course is a good idea when you are a teenager.

    1. The FCE exam is an official Cambridge exam.  It is valid for life! If you are planning to apply to International Universities or to work abroad then taking the official FCE exam will make you stand out from other applicants!
    2. It is a challenging exam which will test all of your language skills in reading, writing, use of English and Speaking. You have to have a wide vocabulary and use a range of structures to make sure you pass the exam successfully.
    3. If you have a level of B2 (Upper Intermediate) and want to show how good your English is then it is time to take this exam and be rewarded for all your hard work.
    4. The FCE is an internationally recognised and prestigious qualification. Over 20,000 companies and Universities in the world recognise the quality of this qualification. The University of Cambridge is world renowned for it’s high quality of teaching.
    5. It is a stepping stone to becoming bilingual. Once you have passed the First Certificate, you can take the Cambridge Advanced exam and then the Cambridge Proficiency exam. There is nothing more satisfying than learning a language in depth and being able to communicate easily with people from all over the world. Why wouldn’t you take the First Certificate Exam and start your journey

How do we prepare you for the B2 First Cambridge Certificate Exam? Taking this exam is not easy. Before you start a course with us we make sure you have the correct level by asking you to complete a level test.  This exam is very complicated and there will be lots of new vocabulary and structures for you to learn. You can read more about our Cambridge B2  First Certificate course on our website. If your English is advanced you can also choose to take the Cambridge C1 Advanced course with us in July. This is the Cambridge course that was formally known as CAE.